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  If you are searching for great table legs,we warmly welcome you to have a look at GeilSpace shop. What makes people choose our products is not only because of its modern style, but also its good quality and good price, Here are some customer reviews with photos, objectively and directly. Let’s see how do  people comment on GeilSpace Industrial Pipe Table Legs.


Black Pipe Table Legs


  “First of all these are NOT that cheap tin like metal. They are great quality! I actually ordered these for a much smaller table, but the $100 legs I ordered for this were tin like garbage and would not support this table. So I sent those back and just put these on it. They are so sturdy and you can tell they are well made! This is a heavy desk top and with these legs on it it doesn't wobble at all. If you are looking for simple, quality, and affordable legs you have found them!”



  "I used the stands for a custom gaming desk. Ineeded strong legs to support not only the weight of the desktop but every I plan to put on it. My desktop size is 30x80in and 1.75in think. It weighs about 200 lbs. The legs support it perfectly and do not allow it to wobble much at all. 10/10 these legs turned out perfectly for my dream gaming desk."



 "I am very pleased with the pipes, I wanted a rustic-industrial feel for my new coffee table I was building and these were just the right height. Solid pricing as well. Very happy with it overall."



"LOOOVE THESE!! Ordering set #2! Very sturdy and very well made. Not to mention, excellent price! Kudos!"

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Grey Pipe Table Legs


 "I used them for the desk I built. My desk is kinda long so I had to use a leg in the middle, which left the corner legless, so I used some wall mounts for the corner area. The side with the pipe legs is nice and sturdy."



 "This was a nice set of already sized and threaded pipes & fittings & ready to be put together. I cleaned the oil off of everything with mineral spirits & sprayed them flat black. Built a side table for my office. Highly recommend. Will probably buy more."



  “ Worked perfect for my wall mounted desk. Easy to put together and install. 28 1/4" overall length. Clean oil off with acetone and a rag and you're good to go.”

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