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 At the beginning, we'd like to show you two types of pipes in our shop.          

    Black Metal Pipes                      Duty Grey Metal Pipes

          Black Metal Pipes                                   Duty Grey Metal Pipes


   Have you thought about what a pipe can make?Different people have different ideas. Here are some customer reviews with photos, which show their ideas objectively and directly. Let’s see how people decorate their house with GeilSpace Pipes!




  “We purchased these to create a vinyl record storage unit for my son. Along with the floor flanges the unit is sturdy and holds a lot of weight. I would purchase again for future projects.”



“Used these for making curtain rods. Much cheaper than the galvanized ones at the store. Perfect color.”




“Using the product for custom display of product. Very nice finish and no problems with manufacturing. This is an excellent product. I'm glad I ordered this instead of settling for the big box stores that are often rusty and slightly damaged. By far a superior product.”

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 “I originally went to get supplied for my banister at Home Depot, but they were almost sold out of everything and said they no longer have any stock in their corporate warehouses and that they won't have any stock until/if the factories in China open up again.
So I was happy to find these on Amazon, and for much lower price than what Home Depot and Lowes are selling them for. These arrived quickly, and they are pretty heavy/sturdy in my opinion. I screwed together and mounted my whole railing in an hour or so.”




 “I bought this pipe to build a trellis for my beans and squash in my garden. I wanted something more durable than wood, but easy to work with. This worked perfectly. It was packed well and delivered in a box I could carry to the garden. I will definitely use these guys again for my next project.”

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3/4" BLACK PAINTED STEEL PIPE                                      

"After purchasing piping for a shelving project at Home Depot for 4 times the cost, we discovered this company on Amazon. We were amazed at the cost for the value of the product and will be using them again for future projects."




“I have searched for quality 3/4 pipe for my industrial tables and live-edge tables. Was paying high prices at local large box store but found this company that sells quality pipe. Very happy with the product and it was packaged excellent. Quality of thickness was a little lighter but easier on the pocket for when I ship it to a buyer. Still solid and tough.”

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 "Bought theses pipes to use on a hanging bookshelf I was building. Great product, a great price compared to Home Depot and other online retailers, and perfect for steampunk furniture projects!"




 “Amazing Quality product which can be used in many applications. Get creative! I built a display myself using the products. Looking forward to see what you can come up with.”

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And we warmly welcome you to share your inspirations and creative works with us. Let’s get started and give our room a retro industrial charm!

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