DIY furniture makes your life full of unknown surprises!

    DIY project and shelf hanging decoration applications in your home. Can be used to make pipe furniture, pipe clothing racks, pipe shelving, pipe table legs, industrial decor, etc. Constructed with extremely durable material, our threaded cast iron pipe work great without sacrificing functionality.


What products do we provide?

     Tell us what kind of pipes do you want to choose? We have two main pipe products available BLACK PAINTED Pipes and Heavy-Duty Grey Pipes. The BLACK PAINTED Pipes are compatible with NPT fittings. You can choose different color, but additional fee may apply. Heavy-Duty Grey Pipes are produced under NPT standard. They are coated with a rust preventive oil during manufacturing process, you need to clean them and do some anti-rust measures. Fittings are all NPT standard. You can choose different painted color.


    These pipes are threaded, just connect the female threaded pipe fitting to the connector without DIY Difficulty, you can easily to build any shape of frame and shelf for a DIY furniture as you like.

    The simple industrial design complements the traditional and modern decorations.

All of the above products can be found in this link:


Customer's diy idea



All of the above products can be found in this link:


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