Iron Furniture Maintenance Instructions

Cast iron furniture is created by pouring molten iron into a mould. Furniture made of cast iron is both heavy and durable. It has a rough surface that is difficult to clean. So here we offer some Instructions for maintaining your Iron Furniture, and we hope that this article do help you.
  • 1.NOT place Iron Furniture in an environment with corrosive substance

These substances will corrode the Iron PAINT and Rustic Layer due to chemical reactions, which will affect not only the appearance, but also shorten it's life.
  • 2.Better AVOID high temperature broil

Roasted for a long time, the painted color on the surface will change. The serious occasion is that the color painted layer will peel off due to dry crackings and the metal will undergo oxidative deterioration. If you cannot remove it from strong sunlight, you can consider using curtain or shutter to cover the Iron Furniture.

  • 3.Cleaning and Dust Removal

You'd better use pure cotton knitwear as a rag to wipe the surface of Iron Furniture. For the dust in the depression, you can use a fine soft wool brush to remove it.

  • 4.Keep AWAY from chemicals

Chemicals such as acids and bases will do harm to the PAINTED layer of your Iron Furniture, so please be sure to keep them away from chemicals.

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