Let geilspace bring you a brand new diy experience, Let creativity fill your life!

    You can use GeilSpace's products to DIY various creative furniture decorations, bring rich colors to your life, and let creative homes better integrate into your room.

    The romantic industrial style candle holder adds warmth and soft light to your room, thus creating a romantic atmosphere. The pipes are designed with standard industrial surface treatment; materials and wires are made of strong metal. Certain types of candlesticks consist of rows of layers with different heights. No matter where you place it, it will attract all your attention and show off your unique fashion.


    This wine rack looks great and can hold a lot of wine. The modern minimalist style lights up the life, the wine rack will become the most beautiful scenery in the room, and the decoration style is more elegant!


    This DIY Industrial Pipe Jewelry Tree is your best choice! Why blend in when you can stand out there! Not only is it decorative, it's also functional. Check them out there and you will find yourself more attractive by wearing favorite jeweries everyday without inconvenience!


All of the above products can be found in this link: https://geilspace.com/collections/all.

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