Multi-Tier Metal Pipe Shelf

How to choose a high-quality and well-content shelf that makes your home full of design?



 The books are in a mess.Need a shelf for books?


Too much space is wasted.Need a cabinet for jars?


it takes too much space for a common bookshelf or cabinet.

They are also bulky and difficult to clean.


Are you hunting for a tiny and simple shelf?

Geilspace Multi-Tier Metal Pipe Shelf is a good choice!

High quality

There are four mounting holes on the flange for safe and reliable support. Using our products can bring infinite creativity to your home design.

Through cutting, sanding, wiping, baking and other processes, all parts are smooth and sturdy, protecting you from scratch. Durable, compact and practical.


Easy to assemble and install on the wall

This industrial pipe shelf is wall mounted open bookshelf designed with a special structure which is available for two person to setup within 30 minutes. It provides spacious storage and retro decor to keep your home or office clean while adding a rustic vintage style.

Installation guide(Take the two-tiered shelf as an example):


Check the quantity: Pipe × 10, Flange ×6, Elbow × 4, Tee × 2, Screw × 24, Expansion tube × 24. (Wood board not included).



Assemble the pipe with elbow and tee.



Assemble the pipe with flange.



Assemble Step 2 and Step 1, complete one side of the pipe shelf.



Repeat step 2 to 4 to complete the other side of the pipe shelf.



Use screws to fix it on the wall and place the board on the bracket. (Wood board not included).



Place your items on each tier. Not only can it save lots of space but also decorative!




Surface of these product series is clean and rust-proof, which provides better user experience and looking.



More choices

Functional iron pipe shelves add a unique and versatile look to display precious keepsakes, photos, books and other decorations.

Our pipe shelves are suitable for various means and places. We have two-tier, three-tier, and four-tier shelves for you to choose from. You can choose different layers according to your needs.

  • 2-tiered shelf

What we need:

12” Pipe × 10

3.3” Flange ×6

Elbow × 4

Tee × 2

Screw × 24

Expansion tube × 24

Wood board size: 20× 8 ×1.5 inches × 2

  • 3-tiered shelf


What we need:

12” Pipe × 14

3.3” Flange × 8

Elbow × 4

Tee × 4

Screw × 24

Expansion tube × 24

Wood board size: 18× 6×1.5 inches × 3

  • 4-tiered shelf


What we need:

12” Pipe × 18

3.3” Flange × 10

Elbow × 4

Tee × 6

Screw × 24

Expansion tube × 24

Wood board size: 18× 6×1.5 inches × 4

Widely used in homes, kitchens, garages,offices ,bars and other places.

Working as a storage shelf, bookshelf or display Rack. The shelf is versatile, such as placing flowers in the balcony, accessories in the bathroom, books in the bedroom, etc, perfectly save your space.



GeilSpace Industrial Wall Mount Metal Pipe Shelves are designed with a standard industrial finish. They are sturdy and durable, giving your room a unique charm.

All of the above products can be found in this link:

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